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"jo"EL outlines the strategy of the enemy but connects our full hope to the one who owns it all, Jesus." Shawn Bolz"

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What is Entertainment Is A God Eyedea

It is NOT just another "Religious" book.
It is NOT about getting something for nothing- yet these secrets will help you get expotentially MORE results than ever before.
It is NOT not about trying to imitate the book the secret - yet it will show
you where the original source of the law of attraction came from.

Entertainment Is A God Eyedea Is A SHORTCUT.

Unanswered prayers are symptoms of a problem your creator does
not authorize but it's not your fault! Uniformed people have taught you the wrong way. You have been given permission to get whatever you ask for. This is terrifying to satan, religious people and those who carry and orphan spirit. When we talk about answered prayer usually people will start to compare results with people who have not been answered when life's tragedies have hit. I totally understand the need to make since of a realm we cannot see with our natural eyes. However my friend, in the days we live in now, God is calling for "The Remnant" to get radical results. The truth is, if you're ready to arise to His higher way of thinking, then you are about to experience a major paradigm shift with massive results.


Two days after reading this book I got the exact car I wanted. All I know is the principles I used to get my new car was all in this book. If you want to start getting the things you want you got to get a copy!

~Melissa Durre

This book is great for everyone! It's changed my life...It's helped my talk...helped my walk...All I have to do is open the book and something that it says to me applies to my life.  

~Edwin Victory

"This is such a needed tool to not only equip us to shine bright in Hollywood but also gives us the truth of God's purpose for entertainment"!

~Spring Huemme

Introducing Entertainment Is A God Eyedea The Handbook For Hollywood

What People Are Saying About Entertainment Is A God Eyedea 


Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About The Book Entertainment Is A God Eyedea! 

"Great Book Great Read!"

~Charlie Atiga

"jo'EL takes us up the Mountain and gives us a glimpse of how it can be either a gift of a grief..."

~Lance Wallnau

"This book will challenge you to believe God for greater things!"

~Jerame Nelson

"Be prepared to be enlightened and challenged..."

~Apostle Eric Warren

And That's Just The First 35 Pages 

You'll Also Get satans biggest strategy...How Entertainment
 is an expression of love...And so Much More!

 Check Out What Shawn Bolz Says To jo'EL 

About Entertainment

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  • I love helping people and I’m fed up with seeing believers talk about God a lot, but experience him only a little... and this book is the secret to manifesting abundance. 

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 As a truly gifted speaker jo’EL has been inspiring crowds for over 20 years. After traveling and performing with some of the most influential music artist he has sharpened his skills so whether it’s leadership or business setting, school assemblies or church, he seems to find a very unique way to connect with the audience. Combining humor with a professional polished, delivery, he masterfully handles the tough and the delicate issues of life and motivate his listeners to change.
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Entertainment Is A God Eyedea

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